Security Camera PDKS System

IP Camera Integrated Personnel Attendance Control System with Face Verification solution makes it possible to pass through control points by face verification with real-time images taken over IP (Internet Protocol) cameras of organisations.

Personnel Attendance Control System (PDKS) with IP Camera Integrated Face Authentication

By providing real-time face matching control without the need to store users' biometric data in any environment, it allows remote biometric authentication to be controlled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law legislation.

Usage Areas

With the IPVis solution, the tracking system at the entrances and exits of the institutions will not be lost for the employees, will not be forgotten, will be replaced by something new, unique: ‘ Personnel’s own face ‘

With IPVis solution;

    • Unlike existing systems, it is possible to control the entry and exit of personnel without contact and without any extra card / hardware.
    • Does not require physical access systems such as card access and turnstiles.
    • Easy and modular integration with existing IP Cameras.
    • By using Artificial Neural Networks, learning/identification competence increases over time.
    • Fast/modular solutions can be provided for the flexibility of updating the number of company personnel.
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