Remote Customer Acquisition Application

DigiVis is our solution that enables organisations to securely perform the operations they apply in new customer/subscriber acquisition procedures through digital platforms without the need to physically perform them.

Quick and Easy Verification with Digital Onboarding Solution

Biometric authentication is ensured by performing real-time face matching control on selfie images to be taken instantly with the biometric face data on the users' ID cards through an SDK (Software Development Kit) to be integrated into the mobile applications or web platforms of the organisations.

By providing real-time face matching control without the need to hide the biometric data of the users in any environment, it allows remote biometric authentication to be controlled in properly with the legislation of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Get Customers in Three Steps

  • Removal of Credentials

Customers can easily take an ID photo using a mobile phone or computer webcam. The ‘Optical Character Recognition’ module, which enables artificial intelligence-based real-time extraction of information on the ID image, becomes active.

  • Verification of The Person

Face detection is performed with the opened selfie camera. During face detection, the ‘Liveness Analysis’ module is activated in order to prevent attempts to deceive the verification software and to ensure security.

  • Result

The user is informed as a result of the matching algorithm developed with the face image on the ID card and the selfie image taken instantly, and the status information is processed in the administrative system.

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