Biometric Authentication Device

We offer an "Artificial Intelligence Based Biometric Authentication Device" solution that enables the registration and authentication of visitors, personnel, customers or suppliers at identity control points to be carried out autonomously and securely through digital channels. 

Easy Integration

Face Recognition

ID Card Reading

Professional Face Matching Algorithm

Ethernet Host Communication

Web Based Management

Unlimited Capacity

Usage Areas

General Features

  • Authentication without Biometric Data Storage
  • Full Compliance with KVKK and GDPR Legislation 
  • Extraction of Credentials from Real-Time Identity Images ​ 
  • Minimum 5 Hours Uninterrupted Service Guarantee Against Power Outages ​ ​ 
  • Easy Integration with Modular Structure​ 
  • Internet Independent Offline Working Competence
  • Identity Forgery Detection Real Time
  • Vitality Analysis
  • Remote Control and Management Panel ​
  • ID/Passport Compatibility
  • Easy Integration
  • Face Recognition 
  • ID Card Reading 
  • Professional Face Matching Algorithm
  • Ethernet Host Communication 
  • Web Based Management 
  • Unlimited Capacity

How Does It Work?

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Biometric Authentication Device
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